Grav3yardgirl curled her hair with fidget spinners and the results will change your life!

We see fidget spinners everywhere nowadays. They are therefore increasingly used for things they do not actually serve. For example, a woman on YouTube tries to curl her hair with fidget spinners.

People sometimes come up with crazy ideas. The Texan YouTube star Grav3yardgirl decided to fill her hair with fidget spinners. She thought she would get nice curls so she ordered 100 glow in the dark fidget spinners.


According to Grav3yardgirl the fidget spinners in her hair where very painful. Fortunately, they made some curls, although the look did not quite succeed.

Can It Curl

This was not her first try to curl her hair with something strange. In previous episodes of her ‘Can It Curl’ series on YouTube, we have seen her hair curled with Starbucks cups, Barbie dolls, marshmallows and even Cheetos.

Is this too much? We’re not really sure of anything anymore.