Aluminum AliExpress rainbow diamond flower fidget spinner review

Product Features:

  • Brand: MUQGEW 
  • Material: aluminium
  • Center bearing: 7 ball, open steel bearing
  • Color: rainbow
  • Size: 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm x 1,2 cm
  • Weight: 74 g
  • Package included: a plastic protective case and a beautiful fidget spinner


Today I have another review for you, its about this amazing looking diamond flower fidget spinner.

This is a full metal fidget spinner in a beautiful rainbow color (multi-color electroplated technology). The flower has 5 petals within each petal a big diamond. Due to the different shapes and height differences, this spinner has a beautiful color gradient.

I purchased this beautiful fidget spinner on AliExpress because I fell in love with the shape of this spinner. Diamonds are a girls best friend! Also I wanted a nice-looking spinner that does not cost an arm and a leg.

This spinner weighs 74 g, feels good in your hands and is easy to carry around with you.

When you spin it, it's pretty rainbow colors looks like a work of art! It has a very good price quality ratio.

The overall feel of the spinner is very good. This flower spinner is very stable when you spin it on one finger.

The finish and look of the spinner is beautiful! I love the shape and design. The concave buttons are decently made and feel good on my fingers. They are just a little bit loose, but that's not a problem.

This fidget spinner came to me in about 2 weeks and it was very well packed. The spinner came to me packed in a plastic protective case with soft foam filling, that was wrapped in plastic.

You can simply use this spinner right out of box, and flick and spin it for hours with one or two hands! There are no sharp edges.

While spinning there is barely any wobble and the sound is very pleasant.

The on-table spin time out of the box is about 3 minutes.

Overall I recommend this spinner for anyone wanting a unique flower fidget spinner, for a decent price.

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