10 Fidget toys that will change your life!

It's not uncommon to hear fidgeting being spoken about negatively. It's often labeled as unprofessional and deemed as anti-intellectual behavior.

But in reality, the exact opposite has been suggested to be the case.

The way we look at fidgeting needs to change. This behavior isn't one that should continue to be stigmatized and mocked as unbecoming or inappropriate. I am passionate about the idea that fidgeting is a process that, with the right tools and outlet, can have positive and real-life applications.

So now I introduce you 10 Fidget Toys that will change your life!

*1* Fidget cube

The Fidget Cube is a small high-quality desk toy designed by Antsy Labs. It has sensory tools on all 6 sides: a rocker switch, gears, a rolling ball, a small joystick, a spinning disc, a rubbing stone, and 5 buttons. So you can Flip, Glide, Click, Spin, Roll & Breathe to help you focus. This addicting fidget toy is designed for all ages and they come in different color combinations and patterns.

*2* Holy crystal decompression magic cube

The holy crystal has more features than a standard fidget cube. This fidget toy has 12 sides guaranteed to keep your hand busy. Whether you’re a clicker, a flicker, a roller or a spinner there’s something for everyone!

On every side you find something different to fidget with:
1.) Gear - Three gears which can be rolled back and forth
2.) Rotating Disk - A circular dial which can be clicked and turned in any direction
3.) Buttons - Buttons replicating a gaming controller
4.) Silicone ball - Soft, elastic silicone ball can be pulled and pinched
5.) Switch - On/off switch which pivots back and forth
6.) Joystick - Gaming joystick which allows for 360° rotation
7.) Silicone rope - Allows you to hang your holy crystal wherever you please
8.) Soft button - Button replicates the feeling of clicking a pen
9.) Finger Massage - The soft tactility of the surface has the function of improving blood circulation
10.) Worry Stone - Modeled after an ancient tool for anxiety relief, rub it repeatedly to relieve stress
11.) Sliders - Slide them back and forth to the rhythm of your life
12.) Minions - Three cute little faces, they won’t get angry no matter how hard you pinch them

*3* Infinity fidget ball

This is a 1 inch in diameter ball of interconnected anodized aluminum rings, woven in a way so that each ring can freely turn over the next; twirling and looping over each other in a spinning pattern. The loose weave of the rings combined with the high-grade anodized finish creates a smooth, continuous, flowing motion.

*4* Fidget pad

An unusually addictive, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class and at home in style. The fidget pad has eight features, each designed to help with reducing stress, allowing focus or just relaxation.

These are the fidget pad features:
1.) Rocker - Like a joystick allows multi directional movement, great for focusing
2.) Breathe - Repeated use of the fingers and the surface friction, can effectively relieve the pressure and worry
3.) Spin - Looking for a round dial? Try this
4.) Flip - A Classic Toggler
5.) Roll - Experience the password lock, only need to turn these gears
6.) Click - There are 4 buttons above, the 2 is the sound button, the 2 is the mute button, right click on it
7.) Shift - The toggle paddles, paddles will immediately reset
8.) Massage - Massage your finger as long as you roll your finger on the massage roller
9. Lanyard - Carry your Fidget Pad on a lanyard or keychain

*5* Spiky slap bracelets

Whether you are in search of a new fidget toy or tactile / sensory toy, spiky slap bracelets are perfect. They're ideal for sensory and tactile stimulation, as a tactile or sensory brush. The spikes are soft, made with high-quality silicone rubber, they are hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates and latex.

Spiky slap bracelets are perfect for the classroom, home or office, and are great for parents, teachers, students, therapists and anyone else. Because they can be worn, they're a great alternative to other fidget and sensory toys. These bracelets help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can increase focus and attention.

*6* Bike chain fidget toy

Thos flippy chain fidget toy is a handcrafted heavy duty fidget for hardcore fidgeters. Whether you be afflicted by anxiety, pain, stress, loss of concentration, and so forth, … this can be a great fidget with the intention to keep your fingers busy and make allowance your mind to concentrate on what’s truly necessary.

These interlocking chain links are perfect for hours and hours of fidgeting in creative ways. It consists of stainless steel split rings and chain links, ans silicone O-rings for additional texture and grip.

*7* Mokuro

Mokuru is an amazing desktop toy crafted with quality beech wood. It has a simple design with endless possibilities that will test your creativity and dexterity. Play with these fidget sticks for fun or sharpen your skills and style to become a master. You can even play Mokuru with friends. It’s totally up to you!

*8* Fidget pencil toppers

These pencil toppers are quiet and a bit more classroom friendly then some other fidget toys. They are ideal for kids who break their pencils, chew off their erasers and destroy all their writing tools.

*9* Fidget spinner

A fidget spinner is a toy that consists of a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along its axis with little effort. They come in many different shapes and colors.

*10* Ball of Whacks

This puzzle ball which contains rare earth magnets is an awesome way to refocus energy and creativity into productivity.