Just breathe

Today I started a new art journal with the theme zen.

I am making this journal as a way to try to relax, unwind and de-stress.

I am very sensitive to stress and I hope it will help.

The first page I made in this yournal was this one.

It is based on a art journal page made by Marta Lapkowska that I liked very much.

Of course I don't have the same materials she has, but I made it with what I had and I made it my own.

I used:

  • white, pink, green and blue acrylic paint (Artist & Co), 
  • white and black stamp ink (Color Box), 
  • a few round shapes to stamp with (toilet paper roll, glue stick cap and lip balm cap), 
  • prima donna purple Starburst spray (Lindy's Stamp Gang), 
  • a stencil with tiny circles, 
  • fuchsia, purple and emerald green glitter frosting paste (Glitz Craft), 
  • letter stickers (Wibra)

Here you can see Marta Lapkowska video.