Happy World Nutella Day

On February 5th, we celebrate World Nutella Day!

Chocoholics know that there is chocolate and then there is Nutella. The creamy and delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread has been around since the 1940's, and despite the many imitations that have appeared in the market, Nutella continues to be the favorite guilty pleasure of chocoholics around the world. It is not surprising that die-hard Nutella fans decided to start the Nutella Day tradition back in 2007. This sweet celebration was launched through social networks by a blogger and Nutella fan, and soon tens of thousands of like-minded Nutella devotees showed their appreciation for the chocolaty delight online.

So, Nutella fans of the world unite! Celebrate the existence of this delicious chocolate spread by grabbing a spoon and getting creative with hundreds of Nutella recipes. Start your Nutella Day with a classic Nutella-on-pancakes breakfast and follow with a shaken espresso with a dash of Nutella. On this day, add Nutella to your cupcakes, ice cream, mousse, or even to savory dishes. Your imagination is the limit!

How do you like to eat Nutella? What's your favorite recipe? I really like the classic Nutella-on-pancakes breakfast!