#Earrings365 - day 31 - World Marriage Day

Happy World Marriage day!

Today on February 12th we celebrate World Marriage day!

Marriage is a hugely important institution in many parts of the world, and it symbolizes the formalization of a relationship between a loving couple. Marriage Day celebrates everything about marriage, and is a great day to propose to your partner, or to get married!

This is the inspiration photo for today. It's a photo of my husband and I on our wedding reception! This year we are happily married for 8 years!

Here is my pair of earrings for the 31th day of my #Earrings365 challenge!

For this pair of earrings I chose for glass flower cups in pink, crystal ab, jet, lila and silver. I based the earrings on the colors from our wedding photo: crystal for my wedding dress, black for my husbands suit, pink and lila for my bouquet and silver for our accessories.