Saturday, January 28, 2017

Shoplog: January 2017 - Action & Lidl

Welcome to the first shoplog on this blog!

I'm planning to make this a monthly thing or maybe a weekly thing. We will see.

In the beginning of this week, my husband and I went to the Action store. This is an amazingly inexpensive store with a big fluctuating range from household, stationery, cosmetics, food, toys, textiles, glass, porcelain and pottery, seasonal, decorative and do it yourself. Action has 800 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Austria.

These items all came from Action this week.

I bought these cute sparkly 3D stickers from DécoTime for 0,95 euro/set and 5 packets of clear stamps from the new Craft Sensations range for 0,72 euro/set. These stamps are so pretty and whimsical.

I also found these little diy sets to make wooden pendulums, one with hearts and one with owls. I love owls! The pendulums were 0,99 euro/set. And 8 sets of mini satin roses from Hobby Flora. I was just looking for satin roses and for this price I could not pas them by. They were only 0,72 euro/set!

Yesterday I found some cool craft supplies from Marabu in Lidl. This store doesn't need an introduction I think.

I bought this box of acrylic sprays for 4,99 euro/box and a box with 4 kinds of acrylic medium for 4,99 euro/box.

This box of 5 colors acrylic paint was only 4,99 euro/box. Then I saw this box with 4 colors acrylic mousse. I have no clue of what acrylic mousse is, so I bought it to try it. I was only 4,99 euro/box.

To test all of my new paints and sprays I bought this tools set and stencils set. They where only 3,99 euro/set.

That's all I bought this week. Don't wait to long to visit my blog again, because I'm going to test all of my new toys and post the results here on my blog.

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