Saturday, July 14, 2018

Handmade soap - Tutti frutti

I made some new handmade soap today!

This soap took a very long time to make because I made a lot of imbeds in different colors and scents with only one little fruit themed ice cube mold.

I used transparent melt and pour soap base from Stephenson for the imbeds and suspension melt and pour soap base from Stephenson to pour over the imbeds.

To make the imbeds I used mica pouder in the colors: yellow, appel green, red, violet and marine blue. The scents I used were: banana (SoapQueen), sour apple (SoapQueen), orange (SoapQueen), pineapple (SoapQueen), sweet grape (BrambleBerry) and jonagold apple (BrambleBerry).

I found all silicone molds on AliExpress.

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