Mokuru: What are they?

Some people call them mokuru, some call them jammers or fidget sticks, while others call them kururin. Whatever the name is, whoever claims they're the inventor, it doesn't matter. What matters is we love them and so do many others!

Mokuru is a new sort of fidget toy from Japan. It is an amazing desk toy mostly crafted from quality beech wood with rubberized ends to give the toy traction when you flip and stop it. There are also beautiful metal fidget sticks and ones with led lights for sale! Mokuru is a very unique skill toy that you can take with you and play anywhere. You can even play it with friends. 

These fidget sticks have a simple design with endless possibilities that will test your creativity and dexterity. Play with it for fun or sharpen your skills and style to become a master. Stand it up tall, and then try to knock it sideways into a complete 180, stopping it with just a finger or two after the flip. Or 2 or 3 flips. Flips in quick succession back and forth. Flips that draw the outline of a box. Your creativity and skills are the only limits to how you mokuru.

Just by playing with mokuru for few minutes daily can resurrect levels of enthusiasm and give you great satisfaction. It can also help you to sharpen your focus and eye-hand coordination. Or simply just playing with it can give you endless fun and joy!