Fidgetiddies: A fidget spinner for on your nipples!

Believe it or not, in the tech world there is a lot of laughter. Today, I stumbled upon the invention of the year: a fidget spinner for on your nipples.

Fidget spinners remain extremely popular. 

If you don't know what they are, click here! Some days everything works out great. Good weather, happy colleagues, the weekend at the door. And then you see this invention: fidgetiddies. The name could not be chosen better, you know immediately what it stands for!

Fidget spinners have been keeping fingers and thumbs very busy lately. But, now it seems another part of one's anatomy can be used for fidget spinning: Your nipples.

The inventor is a lady that just graduated from the University of California. And what do you do if you have some time left? Right,  then you keep yourself busy with useful things. With a clever trick, Manuela Torres-Orejuela, as she is called, has designed her own fidgetiddies. Which are fidget spinner nipple covers, a.k.a. pasties.

On Twitter she said: Hi everyone I have been working on something that absolutely no one asked for.

This is how you make them yourself

You'll need some pasties, some velcro, and very importantly 2 fidget spinners.

Fix the hook part of the velcro to the tip of the pastie. Next, fix the loop part of the velcro to the fidget spinner. You'll then be able to attach your fidget spinner to the pasties and, hey presto, you've got yourself a Fidgetiddie. All that remains to be done is attaching the Fidgetiddies to your breasts.

Even though she unveiled her creation in a playful tone, Torres-Orejuela really enjoys playing with fidget spinners and say they bring her relief.

'I have ADHD and anxiety so the toy genuinely brings me peace and joy,' she told Glamour. When she affixed them to her graduation cap, the style was 'a big hit with the kids', and Torres-Orejuela then started using Velcro bands to stick them onto other surfaces.

As for the future of her invention, the UCLA grad has a few ideas on how other people could make it work for them: 'I would love to see breastfeeding mothers wearing them so their babies can play and chew on them,' she said.

'I would love to see them worn at feminist protests, marches and movements. I would even love to see them at strip clubs and drag shows and worn on men! The beautiful thing is anyone could use them.'