Copper alloy Aliexpress 9 metal gear fidget spinner review

Product Features:

  • Brand: MUQGEW 
  • Material: copper/alloy
  • Center bearing: 2 small center bearings
  • Color: black and gold 
  • Size: 6 cm x 6 cm x 1,3 cm
  • Weight: 107 g
  • Package included: a beautiful protective case, a 9 gear fidget spinner and a screw driver


Today I'm going to review this amazing looking unique fidget spinner. It's a full metal 9 gear fidget spinner in black and gold with 4 silver screws to hold the gears in place. When you spin this spinner all 9 gears are moving. You can not only spin this spinner by holding the center buttons, you can also hold the metal part and spin 1 gear which then spins the rest of the gears!

I purchased this spinner on Aliexpress because I wanted a cool metal gears spinner that does not cost an arm and a leg.

This spinner is a bit on the heavy side but it's still very manageable and build well. When you spin it, it's mesmerizing pattern looks like a work of art! It has a very good price quality ratio.

The overall feel of the spinner is very good, you just have to be a bit careful when you spin the gears because the edges are a bit sharp.

The finish and look of the spinner is beautiful! I love the shape and design. The concave buttons are decently made. They are just a little bit loose, but that's not a problem. The front and back aluminium plates of this spinner have small openings to see the gears interlocking when spinning.

This fidget spinner came to me in about 2 weeks and it was very well packed. This spinner came to me wrapped in plastic, packed in a beautiful black and red protective case that was wrapped in plastic again. There was also a small screw driver in the case present. So you can tighten the screws if needed, or to take this spinner apart.

You can simply use this 9 gear spinner right out of box, and flick and spin it for hours with one or two hands!

While spinning there is barely any wobble and the sound is very pleasant.

The on-table spin time out of the box is about 1 minute. This spinner is not made to have a long spin time, it's made to see how beautiful it is to see all these gears interlock with each other.


If you are not sure about the black / gold combination, this beautiful spinner is also available in silver / gold (with or without screws) or blue.

Overall I recommend this spinner for anyone wanting a unique 9 gear metal spinner, for a decent price.

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