#Earrings365 - day 64 - We're All Ears: March Reveal

Each month Erin Prais-Hintz presents a theme, with inspiration photos, and invites jewelry designers to create earrings for the “We’re All Ears” challenge. The earring design challenge theme for this month is owls.

Owls represent wisdom and truth with piercing eyes that are all-seeing, even in the darkest of nights. Silent, secret and majestic. As a personal totem they symbolize the capacity to see beyond deceit, a heightened intuition and are harbingers of life transitions and change.

This months theme is perfect for me because I really love owls. I collect owl figurines and I have a lot of owl charms in my stash to make jewelry.

And here you see the earrings I made for this challenge and for the 64th day of my #Earrings365 challenge!

For this pair of earrings I chose for Swarovski beads in crystal ab, lila ab, dark purple ab and silver colored owl charms.