Inspired by Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen

Yesterday on the news I heard about this artist called Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen, I have never heard of before. Boris Tellegen, street alias ‘Delta’, originated as a graffiti artist in the 1980’s. And is known for creating mixed-media sculptures, collages and installations. Architecture and design is an apparent influence throughout his work in all media, which has a focus on depth and creating a sense of three-dimensions on flat surfaces.

He is going to have an Art exhibition in Brussels, Belgium from tomorrow. And since it's a bit far for me to go look at this work, I searched his work on the internet and found his website.

I love his work, especially the colorful mixed-media sculptures and collages. These works are some of my favorites.
Inspired by his art,  I made some collages out of yellow, red and blue paper scraps.

I am very happy with the outcome!

I glued the pieces of scrap paper on book pages I teared from an old book.

I'm planning to use these pages in a new junk journal.

What do you think of it?