Sunday Craft Day

Welcome to the first edition of Sunday Craft Day!

Every Sunday I'm going to post some pictures of my craft table and what I'm crafting. Everyone can join in, and share what they are crafting. Just add your link to this linkup.

The idea is to share with other people what you are creating on Sunday!

This is my craft table at the moment.

This week I started making a new junk journal!

The cover of this junk journal is made out of a cardboard box with a few layers of wallpaper for sturdiness.

I sewed the signatures in the book with red & white bakers twine.

For this book I used a kinds of paper, book pages, comic book pages, craft paper, copy paper, wallpaper, ... .

I painted the cover of this book with acrylic paint in blue, purple, red and pink hues.

In this short video you can see the different kinds of paper I used.

P.S: Please don't pay any attention to the noises in the background. It's my husband, he is crafting too and I forgot to say he had to be silent for a minute.

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